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The metaversal gaming studio, web3 creative lab, revolutionizing blockchain gaming & digital currency.
GEN-E Studios is founded upon 3 pillars, video game development, web3 advancement, & live activations. All pillars fuel each other and our goal is to give users the power to earn, create, buy, trade, & sell on the blockchain while bridging the gap between the crypto & gaming industries.
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In Early December, GEN-E Studios sold out its first NFT collection, GEN-ZERO within a few days.
GEN-E allows its users to access The Forge Arena and play the block-chain based FPS every weekend, as well as take part in Community Nights Tournaments in four regions of the globe.
The future of the gaming industry is in its players’ hands. Blockchain gaming gives power back to those who devote their lives to the games they love. Play to earn and user ownership are the future of blockchain-based gaming and this is why in 2022, we are giving power back to the players.
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